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This is the blog of entrepreneur Ivo Bozukov, who is based in Houston, Texas in the US. This blog will explore various aspects of Mr Bozukov’s professional life and his other interests, covering topics such as renewable energy, carbon emissions, growing a start-up, brand initiatives, F1 sprint racing and cultural immersion.


Mr Bozukov is currently the vice president of energy transition at Forum Energy Technologies, a role that involves helping the company’s customers to lower their carbon footprint. The use of renewable energy sources is an important means by which a carbon footprint can be decreased, as generating energy in this way creates significantly lower emissions in comparison to burning fossil fuels. Renewable forms of energy are those derived from natural sources, such as sunlight and wind, that are replenished at a higher rate than consumption.

Furthermore, to reduce emissions it’s important to understand where they originate from. Scope 1 emissions are those from sources an organisation owns or directly controls, such as the fuel burnt by a company’s fleet of vehicles. Source 2 emissions are those an organisation causes indirectly; for example, the emissions generated to produce the electricity a company uses in its buildings fall under this category. Scope 3 emissions are those that an organisation is indirectly responsible for along its value chain, such as when a company buys, uses and disposes of products from a supplier.

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As a long-time entrepreneur, Mr Bozukov has experience in growing start-up businesses and knows the importance of identifying the marketing channels that will best find and connect with a target audience. Experimentation and learning are key elements of this and the overall growth process. Marketing initiatives designed to enhance brand awareness are crucial to business success too, serving to boost customer perception and drive up revenue.

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Outside of work, Ivaylo Bozoukov is a fan of F1 racing. He is also a keen traveller, and cultural immersion is a particularly important element of this.

Cultural immersion is about surrounding ourselves with a culture as fully as possible and interacting with local people to understand who they are and how they see the world. It has many benefits, including the opportunity to make meaningful connections with people around the world; learn new perspectives, practices, art form and traditions; and achieve personal growth.

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